Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr Full Fight live Now

 Hi guys This Saturday we will have a confrontation at the very least intriguing between two legends, since Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. will go “for real” in an exhibition fight. The fight is still surrounded by a lot of confusion about the rules, but it also draws a lot of attention from the fans. The fight will take place at the Staples Center, in Los Angeles. 

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November 28, 2020 - 2:41 AM

Exhibition? As well?

As much as the confrontation is promoted as a professional struggle, in which the two combatants will fight seeking mutual destruction, this will not be the case. The California Athletic Commission (CSAC) has made it very clear that important rules will be implemented to ensure the safety of the two fighters, who are not boys (the sum of their ages is 105 years old) and have a lot of damage accumulated throughout their careers . In addition to the rules to ensure the safety of the fighters, other rules characteristic of the exhibition clashes will be guaranteed:

The result of the fight will not be counted for the fighters' cartel;
There will be side judges punctuating the fight remotely, but they are not official judges but judges invited by the World Boxing Council;
12-ounce gloves (instead of traditional 10-ounce gloves);
8 rounds of 2 minutes (instead of 10 rounds of 3 minutes);
In the event of a knockdown , fighters will have up to 2 minutes to recover (instead of 10 seconds).
The fighters were instructed not to attempt the knockout;
In case of deep cuts, the combat will be stopped;

The judges' scores will also not be the traditional 10-9 or 10-8. The scoring system that will be applied has not yet been revealed.

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The last two rules are very suspicious and difficult to implement, but the president of the CMB and the president of the CSAC assured that they will be watching very closely if the fight becomes too intense. Instead of a fight, their interest is that the fight is treated as an intense sparring .
In practice we do not know if this will be confirmed, but the promoters are doing everything to hide this fact, since if the casual fans discover that the fight is not for real, they probably will not pay 50 dollars in the pay-per-view.


Mike Tyson has had an exhibition fight before in his career, in 2004, against ex-boxer Corey Sanders. Tyson didn't take it easy and actually almost destroyed Corey Sanders in the first round, even getting a knockdown.

Roy Jones Jr. also stated that if he realizes that Tyson is struggling to hurt him, he will not take it easy: “ I am the smallest guy in the fight. If he thinks about dropping his bombs, he better get ready for war. If he puts me on the canvas, it's better to put me on the canvas in a way that I can't lift. If I get up, I’ll turn the key. ”

Other fighters have also stated that they do not believe Tyson will take it easy.

Englishman Tyson Fury stated: “ Tyson is a scary guy and not the type of guy you play with. I wouldn't want to go on a play fight with Mike - thinking it's a play fight - and he'll rip your brain off. If I were Roy, I would be on high guard at all times. ” Rafael Cordeiro, who has been training Iron Mike for the fight, also doubts that Tyson will take it easy, since he declared: “ no one does sparring for a month unless they are going to fight seriously. It will be a real fight. We respect Roy because he is preparing for a real fight and that is what makes this fight interesting. ” Apparently, only the athletic commission is treating the fight as an exhibition. Which can bring an anti-climactic ending when the referee stops the fight for "excessive violence"