| Save From bmb9 | is bmb9 legit ? (the truth of bmb9.com to get 100 GB as a gift)


Good morning or evening, depending on the time you read the topic. first excuese my bad english  How are you, my friend, what do you miss? You miss me too, that's why I came back to you today with a new topic from the Technology Department, which is about the bmb9 website, which has spread recently on social media, and we find it on Facebook in the form of a comment saying: If you want  If you want to get 100GB (internet) free from Google, valid for two months ~ type in Google search this word → bmb9   and enter the first site, and you will take it. From here, questions began about  what bmb9 is, and is there really anyone who can give you 100 GB as a gift  And after a number of the  Screen Mix team  searched for the topic and conducted the necessary experiments, we decided to write this article to you in order to explain the  truth of the bmb9site  .   To get 100 GB as a gift and 700 minutes to all networks 

First of all, my friend, if you are one of those who took the message and put it in 15 comments, then I regret telling you that you are like this, so you are no longer my friend. Why do you do that? Did you really believe that you can get 100 GB as a gift so easily? .. What a loss, my friend, for real  , what a loss, go ahead, Pasha, with me, I tell you  the truth

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The truth about google bmb9

bmb9 com - bmb9 free data - bmb9 data - bmb9 scam - google bmb9   is a one-page site programmed in a very simple way. Once you enter the site, a message appears saying: Now through bmb9 , you can get 100 GB as a gift from Google,  through our bmb9 , and it tells you the usage policy. 100 GB at once and he asks you to agree or not 

Then it asks you what sites you want to use the 100 GB in, and you have four choices?
  1. Facebook
  2. WhatsApp
  3. The YouTube 
  4. All of the above + other sites 
Whatever option you choose, it will transfer you to another page. Click here to type the mobile number accompanied by the country code. When you click on it, a window appears in which you write a phone number, after which it tells you to click on the next step. 

 And after you write the mobile number, my friend, and whether you write your mobile number or any number in general, you will find it telling you to click on the next step, and when you click on it, it will take you to the desired page in which it is written

Congratulations, you got 100 GB free to use for a two month
You have one last step to activate the gift
(last step)
Copy the message below and publish it in 15 different place on Facebook - groups or comments
copy message
 If you want to Get 100GB free (internet) from google  , valid for a two month ~ type in Google search this word → bmb9   and enter the first site.  
Click on the . buttonActivate the gift Note that the gift will not be activated without posting the message
Click here to activate the gift

 And of course, whatever you publish in the message and enter the site, you will never take 100 gigabytes or even a quarter of a megabyte, because the whole bmb9site is a scam in the first and the last 

Click here to Get 100GB free net for any number from google by bmb

Let me tell you, my friend, with confidence that until now there is no such    thing as getting free gigs on Facebook  , and all the applications and sites that provide services like this  are untruthful sites, and the purpose of these sites is to steal your data and use it. You can read this article to know the danger of using sites like bmb9 or bmb9.com  (   How to protect your Facebook account from  being hacked) What does bmb9 benefit from when it does this? In short, when bmb9does this, it becomes a source of profit by placing advertisements that appear to the user, but these advertisements will be a large part of them if they are not all CPA ads, and so that you do not have ads This CPA, when you implement what is in it, an amount not less than 5 pounds is deducted from your balance daily, meaning that you keep entering in order to win, and you find yourself losing and being deducted from you 

User comments at bmb9

bmb9 - Click here to Get 100GB free net for any number from google by bmb9
bmb9 data

Of course, the owner of the site, in order to add part of the credibility, he said, either make some fake comments and pictures and add them so that people can be reassured and do what is required of them, and it is very clear to me that the comments on the site are all fake 

bmb9 hacker

We had a lot of questions about the bmb9 , but the most frequently asked question was whether the bmb9 website was hacked, and let me tell you, my  friend  , that it is not hacked and cannot hack your device, but it can use the number that you have given to promote CPA offers and withdraw balance from you, such as Vodafone online gaming services 

The reason for the popularity of bmb9 

Of course, the free item always has more demand than the paid one, and this is the point on which the bmb9 website plays. It tells you that if you want to take 100 GB as a gift, search Google for bmb9, you search, enter, follow the steps, and in the end you don’t take anything. A fee for the user, but in reality all this is empty talk because there is nothing for free, my friend, and there is no such thing as taking 100 gigabytes for free, and even if it was in it, it would be fraud and theft on the telecom company that you belong to, and this is forbidden. The sites are of bmb9 quality and don't let anyone laugh at you 

Other sites are not honest

In many sites, they all present the same idea, which is the idea of ​​defrauding and defrauding the user. That is why we wrote an article about each of these sites in order to warn people about them, and these are all the articles that were written about these sites. 

Just like that, my friend, this is all about today's topic, the  fact that the bmb9.com  . I hope that after you have read the topic and known the fact of getting  100 GB as a gift  , you will not believe these things and do not go after them. If you benefited from the topic, you don't forget to share it with your friends. Come on, peace.