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Good morning or evening, depending on the time you read the topic, how are you, my friend, what do you miss? You also missed me, that's why I brought you back today with a new topic from  the technical department,  which is about the gog6 website, which was recently spread on social media, and we find it on Facebook in the form of a comment that says

  If you want to HACK, any Facebook Account ؛؛ Go to google search and type → gog6   ● Then enter the first site . you will put the link of the accoun

From here began the inquiries about  what is  gog6 , and is it really possible through it to know the password and email of any account on Facebook?  
After a number of the  Screen Mix team,   which is me, searched for the topic and did the necessary experiments, we decided to write to you this article in order to explain the  truth  of gog6.com  to know the password and email of any account on Facebook.

First of all, my friend, if you are one of those who took the message and put it in 15 comments, I am sorry to tell you that you are not good enough for my friend. Why do you do that? Did you really believe that you can easily know who visited your profile? You are a  real loss, my  friend .

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The truth about gog6

Explain how to use gog6

gog6  or gog6 or gog6.com  is a one-page site programmed in a very simple way. When you enter the site, a message appears saying: Now you can know the password and email of any account on Facebook without programs through our free gog6 website, and you will be asked a question: 

What is the gender of the victim? And you have two choices 

  1. male
  2. female

Whatever option you choose, it will direct you to another page where it will ask you and tell you whether the victim is on the list of friends?
  And you have two choices 

  1. yes
  2. no

Regardless of your choice, then it will give you two pictures, including the method of copying the profile link from the mobile or from the computer, and then it will tell you to put the victim’s link here and believe me whether I put a link or not, even if you wrote stuffed grape leaves, it will turn you on a page where it says

Congratulations, the password and email address of the victim have been successfully identified
You have one last step
(last step)
Copy the message below and post it in 15 comments on Facebook in different places - pages - groups

copy message
  If you want to hack any account on Facebook without programs ‾ Open Google and type in the search gog6 and enter the first site that appears to you ꜛ You will put the link of the account you want to hack, the email and password will appear to you    
Click here to show your password and email
Share your opinion in a comment

gog6.com to find out the password and email of any account on Facebook

And when you click on a word,  click here to show the password and the e  -mail, a window will appear telling you to publish this message in 15 groups to know the e-mail and password, and believe me,  no matter how you publish in the comment on social media, you will not benefit from anything and will keep wasting time because simply my friend, so far there is no on  Facebook  , including It is called hacking a Facebook account in this way, and the gog6 site is a dishonest site like many other sites, and all applications and sites that provide services like these are dishonest sites and the purpose of these sites is to steal your data and use it, and you can read this article to know the danger of using sites like  gog 6  -   gog6 -  gog6com   (   How to protect your Facebook account from hacking  ) 

google google user comments

gog6 - gog 6
Fake comments from gog6

Of course, the owner of the site in order to add a part of the credibility, he told you, either I make some fake comments and pictures and add them so that people are reassured and do what is required of them, and it is very clear that the comments on the site are all fake 

gog6 hacker?

We were asked a lot of questions about the gog6 website, but the most common question we were asked was whether the gog6 website was hacked, and let me tell you, my  friend , that it is not a  hacker and it cannot penetrate your device, but it is preferable to always try to protect yourself and do not interfere with sites like gog6com because a very large part of them do not ask you to put your data Like the phone number, and they are used to promote CPA offers, and credit will be withdrawn from you, such  as Vodafone online game services 

Other sites are not honest

There are many websites, all of them present the same idea, which is the idea of ​​defrauding the user. That is why we wrote an article about each of these websites in order to warn people about them. This is all the articles that have been written about these websites. 

Just that, my friend. This is all about today's topic, the  reality of the gog6 website    . I hope that after you have read the topic and learned the truth  of knowing the password and email of any account on Facebook,  you will not believe these things and you will not follow them. If you benefited from the topic Matnsach refer to it with your friends, peace.